Rendering design specs in a way developers can understand.

Specly is a mobile app that allows designers to render elements directly within the iOS or Android devices they are being designed for, and outputs the exact specs developers need to bring those design elements to life.

Free for iPhone and Android.

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Why Specly?

Removes Ambiguity and Improves Accuracy

Designers think about how an app looks, while developers think about the underlying code. Specly eliminates any confusion, as designers can see exactly how specific design components render in a native device, thus reducing the guesswork for the developer.

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Increases Efficiency and Better Collaboration

Specly allows designers to easily hand over the specs an engineer needs to get the project design components right quickly. No more back and forth. Easy, clear, effective communication between the two teams so they can build a great app together.

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Create box shadows using exact parameters for ultimate accuracy.

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Nail down your natively rendered typography styles and spacing.

Specly App Typography Page Screenshot

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Break the language barrier between developers and designers.